The Build Process

frequently asked questions

Do I need planning permission?

As a rule planning permission is not normally required, if however, your property does need planning permission, our team will advise you through the process. Building regulations are always necessary.

Will a loft conversion add value to my house?

Most definitely a loft coversion is one biggest things you can do to add value to your property.

Can we go and see some of your previous work?

Yes, of course and we recommend you do. We have a long list of show lofts of previous customer who would be happy to answer any questions you have, such as


  • Did the price of the loft go up?
  • Did the workers turn up everyday?
  • Was the work completed on time and to a high standard?
  • Was there a lot of mess and disturbance?
  • Would they use Baker's again?


Do you sub-contract out your work?

With Bakers Lofts you will see the same friendly team every day. We understand that having builders in your home can be unsettling and that seeing the same team creates a good working relationship and puts our clients at ease.


Is my loft high enough to have a loft conversion?


As a general rule your loft needs to be a minimum of 2.3M measured from the top of the ridge board to the plaster board ceiling below. However, at Bakers Lofts our team may be able to find a solution even if your loft is slightly less than this.

Types of Loft Conversion

The Build Process

The construction of every loft should be carried out to the highest of standards and must comply with the necessary building and fire regulations.


Every loft construction is tailor made to fit your needs however below is an explanation of the basic elements of a Baker’s lofts construction project.




Scaffold is erected around the rear and side of property but may also be required on the front. This will remain up for the duration of the project and will be our main access for the materials and bakers’ staff for most of the project. This keeps disturbance to your home to a minimum.  


Floor Joists


New floor joists will be laid in the loft on packers from each load bearing wall or on a steel beam as per the plans. This creates a strong floor that is independent from the ceiling below.


Wall Construction


External walls are constructed from 50mm x 150mm timber, Insulated between the timbers, the outsides are sheeted in ply or O.S.B boarding then finished in your choice of external finish. This method of construction creates a more ridged building than other loft conversion methods.



Internal Walls


Internal walls are constructed from 50mm x 100mm timber and are not required to be insulated but can be if noise transfer is of concern.

They are then be plaster boarded and given a smooth coat of plaster ready to be decorated.




Windows are UPVC double glazed and are as close a match as possible to the main house unless specified otherwise. One of the windows of any habitable room in the loft must be suitable as a fire escape window. New windows will be fitted with trickle vents to comply with current building regulations.





Doors to the loft room and any other habitable room that opens onto the escape corridor (usually hallway and stairs) must be half hour fire rated. Most often this involves changing existing doors which we will help you choose from our catalogues and keep any disturbance to a minimum.


Flat Roof Construction


Our flat roofs are warm deck roofs. Meaning insulation is fitted above the flat roof joists before sheets of ply and an EPDM rubber roof is installed. This gives a well insulated loft with a maintenance free flat roof guaranteed for 25 years and is expected to last a life time. This is far superior to a traditional felt roof.




Your new staircase is a bespoke product designed and manufactured by a specialist joinery company on computerised machinery. We can cater from anything from a hard wood staircase to modern glass panels. It is then installed by Baker's in your home towards the final stages of the project, this again is to minimise the mess and disruption to your house.



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